Thin Air is a true-crime podcast dedicated to investigating unsolved missing persons cases from around the world. With its narrative-driven stories, primary-source interviews, and hands-on investigative work, Thin Air is top-choice amongst true crime fans. Thin Air has been featured on Buzzfeed, been in the iTunes top 10, and is routinely recognized by an array of media outlets for its excellence in journalism, reporting, and storytelling.

Thin Air is produced in Boise, Idaho by Daniel Calderon and Jordan Sims with production assistance led by Nate Halda.

Daniel Calderon graduated from Boise State University in 2015 with a degree in English education and philosophy. Currently, Daniel teaches high school English at an international baccalaureate charter school in Boise, Idaho. Daniel’s interest in both true-crime and mysteries is what led him to co-create the podcast Thin Air. Drawing on inspiration from writers like Truman Capote, Daniel likes to blur the line between narrative storytelling and journalism. When Daniel is not teaching or working on his podcast, he can be found playing video games or cuddling with his 2 dogs.


Jordan Sims graduated from Boise State University with degrees in English teaching and Creative Writing. In 2016, Jordan was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach English in the Czech Republic for ten months; she returns to hometown Boise, Idaho in July 2017 after exploring Europe and working with Czech students. Thin Air, the podcast she created with longtime friend Daniel Calderon, is her real passion. As a journalist and storyteller, Jordan strives to create awareness and provide a voice for the voiceless while telling compelling, tense stories that her audience loves. In her time abroad, Jordan loves to travel and explore Europe, while also intensely missing her cats, friends and family.


Nate Halda: [Bio coming soon]


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