Season 1,
36 mins

Episode 9: Ayla Reynolds

October 06, 2016


  1. Cheryl Jones Mountin says:

    I LOVE your podcast! I’ve been binge listening. Today I was struck by the Ayla Reynolds story. I don’t understand understand why there were no arrests when blood was found in Justin’s home?? It’s clear he was involved & his sister &/or girlfriend have some knowledge of what happened.

  2. There is a recent update to this case: Ayla’s mother is seeking to have her daughter officially declared dead in order to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the father. It’s a good reminder that the people reported on in the podcast are living with the realities of losing a loved one, long after the episodes end, which I think you do a great job of expressing in each case. To listeners, it’s an hour-long exploration of a curious mystery; to the families and friends of the missing, it’s a lifelong pain. I commend the podcasters for their thoughtful portrayals of these people and hope it leads to some answers for those who seek them.

    1. thinairpodcast says:

      Thank you for this, Samantha. We should do an update soon, this is such a heartbreaking case. -Jordan

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