Season 1,
52 mins

Episode 7: Richard Lepsy

May 02, 2016


  1. Claire says:

    Has it been considered that the men checking in on Mr.Lepsy were federal marshalls or witness protection folks? If he was in witness protection that would explain him disappearing, never coming back & the interest in his name coming up when his SSN was run… I think the feds would want to know if someone was looking for someone in the program.

  2. Anthony Smyth says:

    I’d have taken a closer look at the person who suggested searching the airport car-park. Nowadays it’s almost a cliche that a killer will dump the victim’s car at the airport to try to give the impression that they’ve got on a plane, but I don’t think that cliche existed in the 60’s. In any event if Lepsy really was on the run, why do something that might allow the authorities to follow his trail? It seems more likely that he’d park somewhere else and catch a bus to the airport.

    I’m pretty sure that he was murdered, and his body concealed to give the impression he’d stolen the money. If he carried out the theft, why not take all the cash? On the other hand, if he was being robbed, perhaps he convinced the thief that there was only £2000 in the safe. I’d also like to know in what way the safe-door was ‘jammed’. Could Lepsy have done it to protect the remainder of the money?

    1. thinairpodcast says:

      His case is so baffling to me for all those reasons.

    2. MsEithne says:

      I agree–I think the most likely scenario is that he was robbed and then murdered. If that is so, that may be a sign that Richard knew the robber. Maybe a store employee or perhaps someone from the community. In small towns, the grocery store is the one place where just about everyone goes, so that doesn’t really narrow the potential suspect pool.

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