Season 1,
31 mins

Episode 6: Timmothy Pitzen

April 15, 2016

6 year old Timmothy Pitzen went missing after being taken out of school early by his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, on May 11th, 2011. The two went for an unexpected trip around southern Illinois – visiting zoos and water parks. But when Amy was found dead in a Rockford hotel room of an apparent suicide on May 14th, everyone wondered – what happened to Timmothy?

In today’s episode, we speak with James, Timmothy’s father, about what could have happened to his son in this tragic case.



  1. MsEithne says:

    I live in Iowa and vividly remember Timmothy’s disappearance.

    I hope law enforcement has done some checking into the (mostly Christian fundamentalist) web fora that have been involved in disrupted adoptions. There’s a whole hidden world of people who adopt (often foreign) children privately and then discover they can’t deal with the child or children. It is perfectly legal in most states for a parent to literally give away their children, so long as the parent believes the new home will provide the legal minimum level of care. There are a number of cases where the first in person contact the adoptive parents had with the new guardians was in the parking lot when they transferred their adopted children.

    It’s pretty scary stuff. If Timmothy really is still alive, though, I’m betting he’s in such a situation. His current guardians may not even know his real name because in the world of disrupted adoptions, it is rare for any sort of legal checks to be run either on the prospective new home or on the people relinquishing the child. It is literally adoption via email.

  2. Suki says:

    Aren’t there supposed to be pictures on here?

    1. thinairpodcast says:

      Hi Suki,
      There totally should be! Our website went down awhile back and we lost everything. We haven’t been able to redo some of the older stories yet, but we are on it. Sorry for that. Check back soon!

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