Episode 35: Wanda Lemons Part 2

December 18, 2017

Last week, we discussed the disappearance of Wanda Lemons in the context of the other missing and deceased women of Chillicothe. But Megan, Wanda’s daughter, argued that her mother’s case was unrelated to the other women – that, despite having a similar past to the women, that her case hits much closer to home. That her disappearance was personal.

In today’s episode, Jordan tries to discover more information about key players in Wanda’s story. As Wanda was fighting for custody, we try and uncover what her relationship was like with her ex and how often they saw each other around the time of Wanda’s disappearance. We also try and find a man that Wanda was staying with named Marvin – who, as Wanda’s mom Diana described, was abusive and may know more than he has said.

This is our last episode of 2017. Thank you all so much for your support and we’ll be back on January 29th, 2018! We wish you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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  1. Jonesie says:

    A few things strike me in this case; first being the custody issue and also her drug use. You say you think the custody issue and getting her daughter, Heaven, back would make it less likely for her to disappear and stacks up the odds that she left on her own accord. I disagree. First being that it was a custody hearing, not a court order that she had already won custody. At least from my understanding, that was not stated in the interview. It was a custody hearing, she had to prove her sobriety to the courts and present to the judge for custody of her daughter. That does not mean she automatically won custody. It was a hearing to prove she was capable to the courts of caring for her daughter.

    The other reason a custody hearing would actually stack up in the odds that she did leave on her own, is because she was a heroin and alcohol addict. It is well known in the court system when dealing with drug addicts, that they often, VERY often, disappear and relapse right before the hearing. No matter how good they have done, the stress of custody is hard and addicts revert to drugs/alcohol to cope. It happens time and time again, more often than you think.

    I appreciate her daughter speaking up for her and defending her sobriety, but the fact is she was a heroin and alcohol addict with a history of multiple domestic violence relationships, and at the time entered into another one. Heroin addiction is a lifelong struggle, most addictive drug. Relapsing, no matter how much she loved god and said over and over again that she was sober, which she may have been for a while, should not be ruled out.

    She was facing a stressful time with custody in court, at odds with her ex, was in another abusive relationship with Marvin, having medical issues… so how did she cope? Sounds like she wasn’t talking to people about her issues, and maybe dealing with it in other ways. I think a relapse into the drug scene would not be a surprising event when all this happened. She may have returned to Texas for her fix. Her daughter contradicts herself at times, saying she was sober and a good mom, then also speaking of her moving around again and again, disappearing for days on end, even one time being called in as a missing person because she left without notice. I don’t think her ex has anything to do with this, but just wanted their daughter safe.

    I think Marvin is a person of interest, for sure, because he may have more information. But ultimately I think she relapsed and got involved with the wrong people. Some folks are dealt a hard hand from the beginning and face lifelong struggles.

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