Episode 34: Wanda Lemons

December 11, 2017

38 year old Wanda Lemons went missing in Chillicothe, Ohio on or around November 4th, 2014. Her case is one of six women who either went missing or were found dead in Chillicothe between May 0f 2014 and June of 2015. These stories quickly gained national attention, and many people thought that their cases were connected.

In today’s episode of Thin Air, we devote the first of two episodes on the disappearance of Wanda Lemons to discussing how Wanda fits within the context of these other cases. All of the women, it was said, had problems with drug addiction and prostitution. They all may have known each other and known a dangerous criminal and drug lord known as Dollar Bill. But, in Wanda’s case, these connections aren’t always the easiest to verify, making her already mysterious disappearance even more questionable.

Join us in one week: that’s December 18th, for our conclusion to the Wanda Lemons story.

Wanda (left) with daughter Megan Hodges.


Wanda and Megan in happier times.

Episode Links:

Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio – documentary series by Joe Berlinger

Investigation Discovery: The Vanishing Women

Pill Mill Story: Dr. Paul Holland Volkman’s Conviction

FBI article on Dr. Holland’s Conviction

Contact Information:

Michael Rofles, Private Investigator: Website

Missing Wanda Lemons Facebook Page



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