Episode 33: Jesse Ross

November 27, 2017

19-year-old Jesse Ross was visiting Chicago while attending a model UN conference with teammates from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Around 2 am on November 21st, 2006, Jesse is called to an emergency meeting of the UN conference’s security council. At this point in the evening, Jesse had been to a dance and a party at the hotel where the conference was being held, the Sheraton Hotel and Towers.

Jesse makes it to this emergency meeting, but leaves around 30 minutes later. He leaves through a rear entrance, and this is the last time anyone saw Jesse Ross. Police would posit that Jesse somehow made his way to the Chicago River, immediately behind the hotel, and somehow fell in and was carried out into Lake Michigan. But filmmaker Brian Rose, who has been working on a film about Jesse since 2013, has evidence that this theory has some major problems.

There are many inconsistencies reported about Jesse’s disappearance. The most important is that Jesse is not seen leaving the hotel where the conference took place. Rather, he is seen leaving the Sheraton Four Points, which was 10-15 minutes away from the conference hotel, which was the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. There is no evidence of Jesse ever leaving the Sheraton Hotel and Towers.

For today’s episode, we speak with Brian Rose, creator of the upcoming documentary When I Last Saw Jesse, and Jesse’s father, Donald Ross.

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*Correction: Daniel refers to Jesse as attending the University of Kansas – this should be the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

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If you have any information, please contact us at thinairpodcast@gmail.com, or contact Chicago PD at 312-744-8266. You can also contact the family through their Facebook page, see link above.

Surveillance photo of Jesse leaving the Sheraton Four Points, the hotel where his team stayed. He is leaving to attend the dance at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Note the Gatorade bottle mentioned in the episode.


The last known photo of Jesse Ross, taken at the dance. Ralph is pictured on the far right.







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