Episode 32: Steven Allen Davis

October 30, 2017

Halloween, 1986. 23 year old Steven Allen Davis clocked out of work in downtown Market street in San Francisco, California. He has never been seen or heard from since. A year prior to his disappearance, he asked his mother Rosetta what she would do if he just vanished one day: this made his family believe he took off on his own, but would show up again when he was ready. But that day never came, and now his family believes he was met with foul play. And every Halloween, they are reminded of the son who vanished without a trace.

In today’s episode, we speak with his family: his father, Norman, mother Rosetta, and sister Susie. If you have any information on Steve’s case, or if you know any of the people we mentioned: Janice Lilly or Aaron Lopez, please email us at thinairpodcast@gmail.com.

If you have information on Steve’s whereabouts, please contact San Francisco Police at 415-553-0123.

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The Charley Project


Newspaper article Norman questioned in relation to Steve’s disappearance.




  1. Suki says:

    Why so sparse on the new episodes?

    1. thinairpodcast says:

      Hi! We are working on gathering new stories and conducting interviews – this takes time! We also have planned around the holidays based on what works for our two person team. Our holiday schedule is posted over at Facebook: facebook.com/thinairpodcast if you want to check it out!

      Thank you for waiting and we’ll have a new episode for you on Monday, November 27th! -Jordan

      1. Molly says:

        Amazingly well done podcast. Worth the wait every time. 🙂

        Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

        1. thinairpodcast says:

          Thank you!

  2. Dogmama66 says:

    He looks similar to Lyle Stevik. Probably not him based on age/timing but similar features and same height.

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