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Episode 31: Nancy Paulikas

October 09, 2017

On October 15th, 2016, 55 year old Nancy Paulikas visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, also known as LACMA, with her husband Kirk and some other family members. The year before, Nancy was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She had severe dementia and had problems communicating, and by October of 2016, caring for her was Kirk’s full time job.

The trip to LACMA was going well, and Nancy was having a good day. But when the two got separated, Nancy vanished. After an hour of not finding her around the museum, Kirk called the police. Shockingly, Nancy has never been found.

The last traces of her are surveillance video images of her on Wilshire and McCarthy Vista, an intersection not far from LACMA. Since her disappearance, Kirk, along with an incredible team of friends and family, has mounted an incredible effort to find her. Both Kirk’s team and investigators believe it is likely that Nancy is alive, right now, in a medical facility where they cannot get any information about her, and that she may be misidentified with an incorrect social security number.

In today’s episode, we speak with Nancy’s husband, Kirk, Barbra Mclendon with the organization Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles, and Detective Micheal Rosenburger of Manhattan Beach Police, who is currently in charge of Nancy’s case. We also speak with Matt Lewis, Peggy Griffith and Nancy Ward, all longtime friends of Kirk and Nancy’s who knew Nancy pre-diagnosis and have assisted with the search.


Kirk’s blog about Nancy’s disappearance- there is a lot of information here:


If you work in a hospital or health care facility, please consider printing a flyer and posting it in your facility:

General flyer English

If you see Nancy, please call 310-650-7965 or call 911.


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  1. David Brown says:

    This episode really got to me. Nancy sounds like a wonderful lady, and I really hope beyond hope that she turns up safe soon. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with Kirk, her friends, and her family.

    I feel rather useless being here in the UK, but I will post links to this episode and the flyer where it seems appropriate and hopefully helpful.

    Kudos to Thin Air too, another wonderfully done episode.

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