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Episode 23: David Sneddon – Part 2

June 12, 2017

In Part 2 of our coverage of David Sneddon, a 24 year old American student who went missing in Yunnan Province, China in 2004, we discuss the evidence that David Sneddon was abducted by North Korea. We return to our conversations with David’s brother, James, and David’s former roommate in China, George Bailey. We also speak to Greg Scarlatoiu, the Executive Director of The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Robert Boynton, author of The Invitation Only Zone: North Korea’s Abduction Project, and Congressman Chris Stewart from Utah.  

Listen to Part 1 here.

Listening Notes and Links:

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Yeonmi Park Speaks at One Young World Conference, 2014


Routes taken by North Korean refugees on the Underground Railroad through China.

Greg Scarlatoiu, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

NARKN: National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Abducted by North Korea

NARKN testimony: Japanese director of NARKN’s Report of information from inside China, taken from helpfinddavid.com.

Charles Jenkins Interview Clip: 2:10-2:16.


BBC Article on Kim Jong Il’s Statement on Japanese Abductees

Otto Warmbier, Detained by North Korea, currently serving 15 years

CNN News on David Sneddon after Choi Sung Yong’s Statement, Sep. 1, 2016

Washington Post on Choi’s statement, Sept. 17, 2016

The Sneddon’s Report on US State Dept. Assistance:

KCNA Watch: North Korea Responds to Allegations that David Sneddon was Kidnapped

US State Dept. Daily Briefing, Sep. 1, 2016 David Sneddon Comments, 43:11-44:12


How to find/contact your representatives: 


The Sneddon’s: How YOU can help David 








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