Episode 22: David Sneddon – Part 1

May 29, 2017

24 year old David Sneddon went missing in August 2004 from Yunnan Province, China, near an area called the Tiger Leaping Gorge. David had been studying in Beijing, and was traveling around Southern China before returning home.

He traveled first with his roommate, George Bailey, until the two parted ways around August 9th. David’s last e-mail communication was with his family on August 10th, 2004.

After he went missing, members of his family: his father, Roy, and two brothers, David and James, traveled to the Yunnan Province to see if they could uncover any information about his whereabouts. Did David die while hiking through Tiger Leaping Gorge, as Chinese and US authorities suspected, or did something more nefarious happen?

For this episode, part one of a two part series, we speak with both George Bailey, the last person who knew him to see him before he disappeared, and his brother, James, who hiked the trail searching for his lost brother.

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