Season 2,

Episode 19: Asha Kreimer – Part 2

March 27, 2017

In this second and final part of our coverage of the Asha Kreimer story, we speak to her longtime boyfriend, Jamai Gayle. Jamai discusses his experience, helping to clarify some of the major details in Asha’s disappearance,¬†such as what exactly what happened during Asha’s mental health crisis, how she left the restaurant that day, and what happened immediately afterward.

Asha and Jamai, date unknown

Asha with Tessa, the German Shepard on the right, who went missing the same day Asha did.

If you have any information, please contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department at 707-463-4086.


Help Find Asha Kreimer Facebook Page

Help Find Asha¬†GoFundMe Page, Supporting Jeannie’s search/investigation

Asha’s NamUs Page

Wikipedia Page on Asha’s Disappearance

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  1. James D says:

    Thank you for this episode. I empathize with Jamai, as I found myself in a similar, but less severe position with an exgirlfriend: she was having her first major psychotic manic episode. Luckily she was found by the police and safely delivered to the psychward, though she was found naked, covered in scrapes and scratches, and laying in the middle of the street muttering to herself. I thought I had caused her to go crazy. It can be really difficult to handle a friend who’s lost it, especially under the circumstances Jamai faced it in. Its horrifying and exhausting work and while you just get more and more tired, they just get more delusional. It can be horrifying just watching someone you love and trust morph into a crazy beast that you can hardly recognize. I hope Jamai has people to talk to about it because hearing him recount the events even had me fighting back tears while trying to finish up my workday on the computer. Thank you for awesome podcast.

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