Season 2,

Episode 17: Cloudia Leslie Wells

February 26, 2017

00:10 – Thin Air’s Twitter page, Thin Air’s Facebook page, Thin Air’s Patreon page.

Link to your 3 free meal–with free shipping–offer from Blue Apron.

1:33 – The Housing & Urban Development report I mention.

4:20 – Miracle Message’s YouTube page and official website.

6:20 – Information on the disappearance of Cloudia Leslie Wells.

22:49 – Comparison between the most recently confirmed photograph of Cloudia (left) and the woman in the L.A. Times article (right).

26:31 – Information about our HIPAA laws.

27:29 – Facebook page for Robin Burton’s foundation Missing & Homeless.

33:35 – Article and photograph of Shelley calling her daughter, Brandy, for the first time in over 20 years.

34:04 – Video of Shelley and Brandy reuniting after 20+ years.

38:02 – If you have information relating to the whereabout of Cloudia Leslie Wells please contact the Missing & Homeless Facebook page or email us at:


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