Season 2,

Episode 14: Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible

January 10, 2017

Ashley Freeman (left) and Lauria Bible (right).

Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible went missing on Dec. 30th, 1999 after Ashley’s parents, Danny and Kathy, were found murdered in their home, a trailer which had been set on fire. In episode 14, we speak to Lorene Bible, Lauria’s mother.

In January of that year, Ashley’s brother Shane was killed in confrontation with police, starting a feud between Danny Freeman and local police.

Danny, Kathy, and Ashley Freeman. Shane is cut out of the photo. 

Close-up of Shane Freeman’s headstone.

Two serial killers have confessed to the crime, though investigators believe only one is likely: Jeremy Jones, who lived in Oklahoma at the time and was connected to Danny Freeman.

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Music by Chris Zabriski-

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