Season 2,
40 MINs

Episode 12: Evelyn Hartley

November 08, 2016


Evelyn Harley went missing on October 24th, 1953 from La Crosse, Wisconsin while babysitting. Despite an extensive search, initial clues and early leads in the case, Evelyn was never found and no one was ever charged in her disappearance.

Podcast Notes


1:41: Vaya Con Dios, by Les Paul and Mary Ford

2:17La Crosse, Wisconsin



3:08– Susan T. Hessel, personal historian author. Her website –



The Grandad Bluff in La Crosse.

6:08- Chicago Tribune article, October 26th, 1953

10:23 – Source of Audio Clip (sorry for sound quality)



14:20Chicago Tribune article that discusses Evelyn’s character

16:37Chicago Tribune article that discusses Mr. X, screaming

19:50 – location of the bloodstained shoes and denim jacketcoonvalley

22:39– Cincinnati Inquirer article


27:51– Audio clip source, Whatever Happened to Evelyn Hartley?

29:49Ed Gein 


36:12 – Susan’s book at Amazon 

37:18– The Hartley family


Richard, Ethyl and Carolyn Hartley, 1953

40:03– Music by Chris Zabriski 

Additional Information:

The Charley Project


La Crosse Police Department: 608-785-5962

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