Season 2,
30 mins

Episode 11: Trudy Appleby

October 23, 2016


[Trudy Appleby – Age Progression]


0:08 – Links to our Patreon page.

1:51 – Click here for more information about Moline.


5:00 – A quick note about the eye witness reports: I didn’t go into much detail about who gave the report because there doesn’t seem to be much information there. When I asked Kelly about this during our interview she said she believed the eye witness account came from a neighbor of Trudy’s who lived in an apartment complex behind her house. I could not verify the validity of this individual or whether or not there actually is an apartment complex behind Trudy’s house. If we assume the eye witness account is true, then this is the type of car they described pulling into Trudy’s driveway on the day she disappeared.


12:53 – Personally, I don’t believe that David Whipple had any involvement in Trudy’s disappearance, but I thought it was necessary to include information about this theory since it seems so coincidental. David Whipple has continually denied involvement in the disappearance of Trudy Appleby.

13:09 – The place in question is Credit Island Park, seen below from Google maps (you can also see where it is relative to Moline on the map above). If Trudy went here and died accidentally, her body might be in this area.


19:15 – Here is the YouTube video of the news report of the death of Brenda Gordon:

20:41 –  To read more about the information police released on the 20th anniversary of Trudy’s disappearance click here.

25:12 – Here is the GoFundMe for the Trudy Appleby reward fund.

29:28 – Here are the links to the Moline Police Department as well as the Missing Trudy Appleby Facebook page.

30:02 – Songs:

Gray Sky Burial and Disembodied Figure provided by a good friend.

John Stockton Slow Drag by Chris Zabriskie.


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